Kalaa Jyoti means “art enlightenment”

“Kalaa Jyoti” charity was established in 2010 to enhance the lives of orphans and poor children and improve their career prospects, enlarge their horizons and provide a means of self- expression which otherwise will be denied to them through lack of opportunity and funding.

Kalaa Jyoti teaches art to orphans and poor children by collaborating with schools, orphanages and NGOs in Nepal. 

Further Education Support

Arran House has been selected as a venue in Kathmandu (Nepal’s Capital City) to accommodate children who have completed their Secondary Education Examination (SEE), intermediate education and have the ability to undertake Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB) or  technical training for a further two years.

Arran House provides comfortable accommodation in a safe and family environment. The children are cared for under the management of our House Guardian, Finjo Thomen and given opportunities to open their educational and individual horizons. They have access to computers for their work and learning and have regular contact with their Trustees and Sponsors.


Students are encouraged to take up hobbies and sporting activities during their free time and are guided in their development and future aspirations with professional advice and encouragement. Additional career enhancing related courses such as computer skills or language training is encouraged.

Counselling and Motivation

Because many of the children in our care are deprived and have no immediate family, it is the role of our Nepalese staff to provide counselling and motivation.

Our art lessons also play a big part in their early lives, by enhancing their experience, improving their career prospects, enlarging their horizons and providing a means of self-expression.

Recent British research shows that the study of a creative subject, provides a pressure valve for teenagers dealing with the stress of preparing for GCSEs. Subjects such as drama, music, and art also become more important for mid-teens students’ personal development by boosting self-confidence, independence, resilience and collaboration skills. It is no different for teenagers in Nepal studying for their Secondary Education Examinations.

The staging of art exhibitions showing the children’s work and allowing the public to purchase their art, engenders a sense of individual pride and wellbeing. The feeling that they have contributed to their charity through their own hard work, creativity and skill, gives a sense of personal achievement and confidence that welfare handouts can never match. That is self-motivation!

Art & Education

Kalaa Jyoti has been working in Nepal for over 9 years with the International artist, Gordon Davidson. He established links with schools, orphanages, monasteries and other institutions to encourage orphans and poor children to take up art as a means of self- expression and to widen their horizons.


Gordon having established his legacy has now handed over the in-country art training of these students to others in Nepal and outside.

The best paintings and drawings are exhibited each year in the United Kingdom and Nepal to raise awareness and funds for our charity. This method of self-sustainability gives our children huge self-belief and self-confidence that people want to buy their art.

After they have taken their Secondary Education Examination (SEE) at the age of 16, we encourage those children with potential to gain from the Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB) or technical training to continue for a further two years. We seek sponsorship for their two-year higher educational course working on a figure of UK£90 pcm (US$127) to provide clothing, travelling costs and educational fees.

By providing this vital step in achieving higher education qualifications our children will can enhance their potential for a better career opportunity. This is where we need your help. Please donate!

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