Kalaa Jyoti Charity has now embarked on a project to bring art to many more children in the hills of Nepal, who are unable to attend schooling in towns and cities. The project involves the linkage with the Services Sound and Vision Corporation (SSVC) and provides


A live broadcasting service which operates over a local wifi network, without the need for internet connectivity.

MiPlayer gives communities with poor or no internet access connection to live news, welfare/entertainment and educational services. This is particularly effective …. during disaster relief missions, where internet connection may be impossible.

First trialled with the Royal Navy around two years ago, MiPlayer is now widely used by UK land and naval forces. Product development is ongoing, with a range of fully customisable MiPlayer models providing successful connectivity at high density, with lower costs.

Nick Beer, SSVC’s Chief Development Officer, said: “MiPlayer was launched to the market to widespread acclaim just over a year ago, and since that time the feedback from its global military and civilian end-users is hugely encouraging. We are proud to see the difference it is bringing across both sectors – connecting communities to essential services, training and education.


“We quickly established that this technology could be used to enhance isolated civilian communities too. Working with the Nepalese Government and the state radio and TV broadcaster, we installed MiPlayer in a number of remote mountain villages that had previously never had any live radio or TV services.


“We worked alongside the United Nations (UNDP) and delivered their humanitarian material – animal husbandry, building techniques, disaster action plans and educational documents, all available in multiple forms from text and images to video, in both English and Nepali – and made it available on the MiPlayer. For the very first time the Nepalese citizens in these villages had up to date government information and live TV and radio broadcasts.”

 Kalaa Jyoti is now working together with SSVC and Britain & Nepal NGOs (BRANNGO) to provide a functioning and practical means of teaching art to schools and individuals in Nepal.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         



ART TRAINING by kalaa Jyoti charity students at singerche primary school, Sindhupalchok



In October 2018, Kalaa Jyoti was invited by the Headmistress to visit Singerchhe Primary School, Sindhapalchok to introduce art to the students. The former Primary School had been destroyed in the 2015 earthquake and the classes were housed in sheet metal classrooms, while international aid could rebuild a new school building. Gordon Davidson, then a Trustee of the charity and international artist went to visit and establish a link with Kalaa Jyoti Charity.


Eight months on Kalaa Jyoti Charity sent two former Kalaa Jyoti Students to visit the school and to build on the initial art lessons that had been taught.


Part of the rebuilt school is now open and the children welcomed the Kalaa Jyoti former students, Finjo Thomen and Adeep Gurung for two days of art training.


The students were so happy and pleased to be given the opportunity to draw and learn how to design new subject matter and some students proved they were natural budding artists.




Everybody was able to use their imagination and become creative. Art should be fun!

Kalaa Jyoti Charity provided all the art materials which comes from donations made by our supporters in UK.

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