Kalaa jyoti means “art enlightenment”

“Kalaa Jyoti” charity was established in 2010 to enhance the lives of orphans and poor children and improve their career prospects, enlarge their horizons and provide a means of self- expression which otherwise will be denied to them through lack of opportunity and funding.


Art & Education

We teach art classes with the help of local artists and help children learn art by practical art training and exhibitions of their work so they achieve confidence and self expression

Arran House

This is a house for orphans and poor children so that they can continue their post SEE education and learn life skills to become a responsible adult .

Counselling and Motivation

We counsel orphans and poor children for their career prospects and help to achieve their goals.

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"Kalaa Jyoti", 3 West End Road,
Mortimer Common, Reading, 
Berks. RG7 3TB, England

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Registered Charity Number : 1170715

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